Following the advice of the Siddhar Agasthyiar in the Naadi leaves, the founders had this Farm built to help spiritual travelers who travel with them, to stay on the remote holy hill and progress with their spiritual practices. Various Gurus have visited this place and blessed it right from its foundation period.

Architecture and Building

The building of the farm has been done according to the Vastu system in order to support the healing properties and state of well-being of all.

KHGuestHouse7  KHGuestHouse2


The main entrance of the house faces East. On entering there is an open living with sofas where one can relax and read. On the North side, there is the meditation room where spiritual classes may be conducted. The room is provided with natural mats to sit and meditate.  At one side of the meditation room is a library with a small collection of spiritual books.

There are 6 rooms for the purpose of staying: 2 small rooms and 4 bigger rooms, fully furnished and each with an attached bathroom. The rooms are enough to accommodate up to 40 people. On the South East side is a well maintained professional kitchen and a washroom with a washing machine.  Attached to the kitchen on the South East side is an eating hall and this is connected to the Outside Terrace. During favorable weather, eating may be done on the Terrace with a perfect view to Agasthiyar Hill. The Centre Brahmasthan is an open, large area at the disposal of the guests.

The first floor has 2 private rooms for the family. There is a terrace where one can perform Surya Namaskar and Yoga practices. Around the guest house is a walkable path with herbs and flowering plants.

There is also a small children’s playground.

KolliHillsInnerYard2 KHRooms

Land Cultivation

Taking advantage of the strength of nature in the Kolli Hills we cultivate herbs, fruits and plants for medicinal purposes. Certain species we specially take care as they are under threat of extinction.

Our farm has silver oak trees with pepper plants and betel leaf plants climbing on them. There are also many fruit trees like papaya, banana, jack fruit, pomegranate, mandarine, cashew nut tree and betel nut trees.

Seed propagation is also one of our goals at the farm. We save seeds of various sorts of medicinal plants.



Animal Raising

We raise and take care of different kinds of animals according to the ancient ways of the Siddha. Regularly, the veterinary is brought up to the farm to perform check-ups.

Rituals and Ceremonies

Upon request, we can arrange special purpose pujas – vedic rituals, homas – fire ceremonies and other such spiritual purification processes.

See also our offer of Indian marriages.

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Future Plans


Honoring the Siddha Guru lineage we are in the process of building a Kolli Hills Temple. Worship and ceremonies for Dattatreya, Dakshinamurthy, the 7 Rishis, the 9 Naths and the 18 Siddhars will be taking place.

There is already a Shiva Lingam, Ganesha and Hanuman Mandapa.

Medical Camp

The Kolli Hills is a remote hill station with limited access to medical assistance for both humans and animals. We intend to open in the future a medical camp free of charge at the disposal of all.

Rejuvenation Retreats

Purification treatments of 18, 27 or 48 days consisting of appropriate diet, meditation, yoga, herbal drinks, mantras, sound therapy and massages in a positively energized and cleansed environment.

The right procedures will be determined after a thorough initial consultation.

Retreat Places

Further extension of the retreat place accommodation and infrastructure is in progress. The extension will benefit the rejuvenation programme as well as individuals who wish to do spiritually-aimed austerities in the hills.

Siddha Medicine Education Programme

In a unique offer, we invite people with medical background to enroll in a 2 to 3 years initiation education programme in Siddha medicine.

The modules of the programme include:

  • Basic principles of Siddha
  • Siddhantam
  • Diagnosis
  • Pathology
  • Psychiatric care
  • Hygiene
  • Varma
  • Paediatrics
  • Gynaecology
  • Identification of herbs
  • Preparation of medicine
  • and others

The programme includes theoretical and practical modules. The practical modules will be implemented in the Kolli Hills medical camp.

The body of teachers is being gathered and engages Indian doctors with extensive experience.

The programme language is English.

The programme will begin as soon as enough interested participants are gathered.

Please contact us for more information and to announce your interest.