Trekking up the 6000ft to have a darshan of Lord Shiva would give the similar effect and powers that one would experience when one climbs up Mt.Kailash.

Vellayangiri is a special area visited by the siddhars and saints. To trek up the 7 hills once during one’s lifetime and to have the darshan of Lord Shiva who attributes himself in the Panchalinga form brings special powers and energies and changes in one’s spiritual career.

The goddess Manonmani is endowed with powers to protect and guide the Shiva followers and bring the necessary transformation in their life to progress in spirituality in the right direction and to attain different powers.

Thishas been a 9-day travel during which the pilgrims offered prayers up on Vellayangiri on Ekadashi day, then peformed a Maha Rudra Homa on Shivarathiri night and prayers to the Mercury Lingam in Kolli Hills.

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