Siddha Samadhi I

Siddhar Samadhis are distributed throughout many important temples in South India. To visit these places and to step into these energy fields and meditate there helps one to progress in his spiritual path and have the blessings of the siddhars. A 15 day  Energy tour schedule plan starts from Chennai and moves slowly towards Kumbakonam, Thanjavur, Madurai,Azhagar hills, Palani, Tenkasi, Pothegai hills and Kolli hills. There are the samadis and shrines of Siddhar Babaji, Thirumoolar, Dhanvantri, Agastya, Karuvoorar, Ramadevar, Macchamuni, Pambatti Siddhar, Nandi Devar, Boganathar and Pulipani.

Trekking to various Spiritual hills like Pothegai hills – and have the darshan and offer our prayers to the Shiva Lingam which was worshipped by Sage Agastya, similarly visit Kolli hills and  visit the different siddhar caves and to sit there in meditation away from the materialistic life in the midst of nature and with the distant roar of the Akasa Gangai Waterfall helps one to work deeper on ones own self.

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