As per the Siddhars explanation of God (Tamil:Kadavul) we guide the groups to the Siddhar’s caves and forests and to trekking trips to various hills in different parts of the world to help people identify their connection to nature and resonate with it, that they overcome their shadows and step into the light-understand their purpose in life and progress in their spiritual path.

Siddhars quote-
“It is a waste to make Floral offerings
And to chant mantras to an idol
When the God is within you
It is like a vessel which does not realise
What is there in it“

In order to achieve this position, we also enable our clients to know more about their past, present and future by reading their Naadi Palm Leaf Horoscope so that they can then fine tune themselves to attain their goal.


Dr. Gitanjali Azariah Thelen
Owner CEO

A Tamil Siddha Doctor coming from a family which patronises and manufactures Siddha medicine for the past 30 years in South India. She completed her Bachelors Degree in Siddha Medicine. She is also technical director of M/S Nippon Pharmaceuticals (I) PVT. Ltd., Chennai.


Ave Aradhana Oit
Agent Northern Europe

Ave Oit from Estonia is an energetic Yogic practitioner attached to the Lilleoru Ashram and follows the Siddha tradition. She has made many travels to different parts of the world and has visited many ancient temples and power points. She has an extraordinary organising skill.

Chennai Co-ordinator and Manager

He is in the travelling field for 25 years,  and organises the vehicles and hotel arrangements during the travel. He is trustworthy, humorous, artistic, and helpful and also guides the group during the travel and helps them in their hiking. He is a skilled driver and can drive any kind of vehicle. When necessary he takes up the driving.