I became a Siddha doctor in 1992 having been educated at the Siddha University in Madurai. Siddha Medicine and the Siddha Culture has been of major interest to myself since early on.

At 29 years old, I had my palm leaf read and, among other things, it was written that I would support Sage Agaasthyia to reach more people who are supposed to come to him for guidance and blessings. In those days I did not know what that meant and how it could look like.

Together with my husband we had exchanged various ideas of what the form of the prediction could be and we came to a plan of making travels to discover the way of the Siddhars and share the knowledge with the rest of the world. Another aspect was to make an agreement with the Palm Leaf Readers of the Nilayam Jothida Palm Leaf Library to come to Switzerland, the current home of my family, and enable those people who would not or could not travel to India in time. This was a daunting plan for our freshly formed family. In conversation with my husband one day we set an intention to ask Sage Agaasthyia for a sign that this was indeed what he had in mind for fulfilling the prediction and we went on pilgrimage to Kalyana Teertham.

In 2005, on the occasion of this pilgrimage, we were invited to share some tea with a revered Yogini that was living in the hills at Kalyana Teertham. We had a lovely exchange and when it was time to go we bid her goodbye and left the mountain. At the base of the steps, before reaching our car, the priest who accompanied us to the Yogini ran after us and called us back to her cave. As we returned to her she said enigmatically: “You had come for a sign from Sage Agaasthyiar, he wants you to know that he says Yes.” As she said that she reached into the ashes of the fire place and materialised two Rudraksha seeds, one for me and one for my husband, and said we should wear them and be protected and blessed. We had never told anyone about our inner intention for the pilgrimage. At that moment, we knew it was the right thing to do. So we began the activity of the Siddhamed Travel in 2006.

During one of the different travels I met Ave. When she was in my family house in Chennai she saw the Agaastya picture, I found out much later that at that moment she knew that Gitanjali is the right person to have as partner organiser for the travels of people from Estonia and her part of the world.

In one of our travels in Kolli Hills, unsatisfied with the hotel situations, we decided to build our own guest house for the groups that would come for pilgrimage. We looked at many lands to be able to have a home base as well as a guest house for the travel groups. After much search in 2007 we bought the land, in 2009 we started building the house and developing the farm. In 2010 building was completed.

Word from the CEO

Dr. Gitanjali Azariah Thelen